Namibian Professional Hunters Association Releases Position Paper

napha logoThe Namibian Professional Hunters Association (NAPHA) has released a position paper on the value of hunting as a conservation tool, addressing squarely the ongoing ideological battle between hunters and anti-hunters and the often emotion-based radicalization of the anti-hunters.

As noted in their introduction, NAPHA has decided to avoid trying to shout down anti-hunters and the public outcry and wait for a level of calm and rationalism to return to point out the positive conservation benefits of hunting as part of an overall wildlife management approach.

The paper addresses the many aspects of hunting and debunks or clarifies misinformation and inaccuracies purposely disseminated by anti-hunting organizations to further paint hunters and hunting as the perpetual villain.

SCI is happy to be able to provide this thoughtful and comprehensive paper to our members. To read the entire paper or to download the pdf, click here.  Position Paper

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