Karl Lansing Bronze

Karl Lansing, a True Artist

wildlife bronzes
Her Escort by Karl Lansing

Karl and Louise Lansing have been exhibitors and donors to Safari Club International since 1999. They have donated more than $330,000 in artwork to SCI. He is a talented artist who has a passion for hunting and believes in the missions of SCI.

This year’s donation is entitled “Crossing the Madison.”

Karl was raised with values. He was raised with right and wrong and a love of God. He was also raised in a hunting family. Karl loved hunting as a young man growing up and he still loves it today. He loved hunting and spending time in the great outdoors so much that his nickname in high school was “Elk.”

When Karl was twelve, he became curious about taxidermy and with the help of the local taxidermist and some how-to books, he mounted his first deer head. Well, no squirrel or gopher was ever safe again! Karl has always been artistic and this was the beginning of it showing through in the animals that he loved to portray.

Karl Lansing Bronzes
A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Karl Lansing

In 1980 Karl married and moved to Fernie, BC where for the next 22 years he worked a number of different jobs, including felling trees in the bush, running heavy equipment in open pit coal mines and running heavy equipment on construction jobs. In 1991 he lost his job in the mine he was working at, and with four little kids and his wife backing him, he decided it was time to take a leap of faith and see what he could do with his artistic abilities.

With no formal training, Karl started with carving and soon, at the request of one of the galleries that carried his work, he started doing bronze sculpture. When Karl started sculpting, he looked around at what was out there on the market and determined that what he could see lacking, especially with his taxidermy abilities, was anatomical correctness and fine detail.

So these are the two qualities that Karl tries to provide for the viewer of his art. When someone says to Karl that a piece looks alive, that is a true compliment to him.

Karl Lansing Bronze
Grey Ghost by Karl Lansing

Karl’s God given talent has been a true blessing in his family’s life and he is ever grateful for his abilities. Often people will say to him: “Oh, I wish I had some talent,” or “ I can’t even draw a straight line!”

Karl always says something of this nature in return: “Everyone has talent. Mine happens to be a visual talent that people put on a pedestal, but there are talented 18-wheeler drivers, talented moms, talented bookkeepers. You name it. We all have talents, and hopefully each has the opportunity to figure out what that talent is.”

Karl continues to enjoy hunting and has taught his children and even a couple of his son-in-laws to hunt. He has been a guide for years and enjoys guiding for different outfitters in BC and Alberta.

His taxidermy talents come in pretty handy in those situations, as well.

wildlife bronzes
Rouge River Rambler by Karl Lansing

Now that their children are all grown, his wife even went with him this year to camp and was camp cook! The adventures never end and it shows through in the passion that Karl has for wild animals, the great outdoors and for his favorite sport – hunting. All these things combine to help him create works of art that bring the great outdoors right into your home. Karl is happy to share his talent with all of you.

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