Turnbull’s Show Season

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Turnbull tulsa showWe have just wrapped up our winter show season. With trips to Dallas, Vegas, South Dakota, and Pennsylvania, we covered a large part of the country. We will be back on the road again come early spring. Our show season will wind down once summer hits. So far the show season has been a great success.

At our shows, it is our goal to inform people of how restoration works, what it can do for the value of the gun and why they should or should not have their gun restored. It is surprising to see how many Turnbull-Comm-Hert-RS-full-length022216people are interested in vintage firearms, but still look at restoration as taboo. We try to explain that restoring a vintage gun is very similar to restoring a vintage car. You would not want to restore a vintage car to a different color than it originally came with. The same goes with vintage guns. The trick to a great restoration, whether its cars or guns, is to bring the gun back to its factory original condition. We explain to people that every detail matters. It is much easier to explain this at the shows since we brought examples of before and after. When visitors came to our booth, we would put an original and restored Winchester in their hands. Once they had the gun in their hands, they could see the intricate details that went into the restoration. We were also able to setup restoration quotes and bring the guns back to our shop for restoration. If you have a vintage firearm you want quoted out, stop out at our next show and we will be happy to give you a quote and bring it back to the shop.

Since we also manufacture firearms, our other goal at these shows is to put our new guns in the hands of the visitors. We displayed our 2016 Turnbull Model 1911’s at the shows, and it was a great success. Our 1911’s are 100% American made and every part is hand fit. The hand fit parts ensure that the gun is built to the lowest tolerance. When visitors picked up our new 1911’s they all remarked on how comfortable the gun felt in their hands.

turnbull tulsa-show3We donated several guns to the hosts of the conventions. The guns were auctioned off to the highest bidder and the proceeds went towards conservation efforts as well as protecting our second amendment rights. We are proud to support the people standing up for our industry. For more information on the auctioned off items, please visit us at http://www.turnbullmfg.com/category/blog/.

We appreciate all the support we get from our customers and followers. We will be back on the road again starting mid-March. If you were not able to stop out and see us at one of our previous shows, check our show schedule to see when we will be in your area next. We hope to see you at our next show.

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