Rigby’s Best .275 Bolt Rifle Ever Made

The World Heritage Rifle for the 2016 SCI Convention is a Corbett-style .275 Rigby honoring hunting in Asia. Rigby’s donation is an homage to the legendary .275 Rigby that was used by the renowned Jim Corbett to dispatch numerous man-eating big cats in the Kumaon region of India. By a fortunate coincidence, shortly after this project began, Rigby managed to track down and acquire Corbett’s own .275 for its London museum.

Logged under serial number 2516, Corbett’s rifle had a 25-inch barrel,  ivory bead foresight and a one fixed/two-leaf rear sight, set for 100, 200 and 300 yards. It weighed 7 lb. 8 oz. and was described as a “Best Mauser Rigby Sporting Rifle.”

While Corbett’s may have been “a” best, Rigby’s Marc Newton describes the World Heritage Rifle as Rigby’s “best .275 bolt rifle ever made.”  Here, then, is a gallery of Rigby’s best .275 bolt rifle.  It will be auctioned off on the night of Saturday, Feb. 6 at the SCI Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Those unable to attend Convention are encouraged to bid online.


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