Mammoth Tusks Available

For information on obtaining these amazing blue mammoth tusks, contact SCI's Auction Department at 520-620-1220.
For information on obtaining these amazing blue mammoth tusks, contact SCI’s Auction Department at 520-620-1220.

SCI has the unusual chance to auction a pair of blue mammoth tusks weighing 78 and 80 pounds from Mammuthus primigenius of the Pleistocene Era. Rare and unique, these large blue mammoth tusks were found in Yukon, Canada. Entombment for thousands of years in the permafrost produced the spectacular color of these extraordinary tusks from an extinct member of the Elephantidae family, which ranged throughout Eurasia and North America during the Pleistocene.

Most tusks exhibit cream, tan and brown colors, but only occasionally do blue tusks emerge from the prehistoric permafrost. Typically, these examples would have been buried in a large deposit of the mineral vivianite, producing the amazing color. The distinctively curved tusks of the woolly mammoth are thought to have been used to help dig away the snow of the Ice Age tundra while feeding, and also may have been used in intraspecific combat, in competition for mates, for example. The size, exceptional curve and amazing blue coloration distinguish this example. A pair as well matched as these can often sell for more than $100,000. For more information, contact SCI-Auction Department 520-620-1220.


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