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Rifles and shotguns For more than 30 years, Turnbull Restoration and Manufacturing have been the leaders in vintage firearm restoration. To reach this level in this industry, Turnbull has collected a wealth of information over the years. This information has helped them turn out some of the best quality replica Model 1911s and replica 1886s available. Turnbull also uses this information to help customers buy and sell their vintage firearms or collections.

It can be frustrating for vintage firearm collectors to locate the exact gun they are looking for. Over the years, Turnbull has been flooded with calls from collectors asking for particular models. This has led them to start a broker program to help these collectors buy the guns they are looking for, more easily. Now collectors can call or email Turnbull and, for no cost, they will add you and the gun you are looking for to their spreadsheet. As soon as Turnbull has located your gun, they will begin the negotiating process for you. They have made it a little easier to find that missing gun that completes your vintage firearm collection.

Doug TurnbullIf you are trying to sell a gun or your entire vintage collection, Turnbull has a program that can help. Since they are actively trying to match people to the guns they seek, Turnbull is constantly on the lookout to buy vintage firearms. Doug Turnbull will personally take a look at your collection, sit down with you and go over each piece you have and make a fair offer.

Turnbull 1911If you have a vintage firearm you just don’t know what to do with, get it restored and sell it. Turnbull offers a consignment program where you can get your gun restored and sold under the Turnbull name. They will first walk you through the restoration process and determine if the gun is worth getting restored. Once the restoration and assessment process is over, Turnbull will list your gun. They will take care of all of the marketing and get your gun in front of the right people. If you don’t need or want to have the gun restored but still want to sell it, you can still sell your gun on consignment through them.

Turnbull 1886 rifleTurnbull has made buying and selling vintage firearms much easier. Knowing the industry inside and out has helped Turnbull become one of the leaders in buying and selling vintage firearms. You can stop to see them at their next show. For a list of shows and conventions Turnbull will be at, visit their site where you can also see the beautiful Turnbull 1911s and 1886s.

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