ThermaCELL Heat Packs

ThermaCell Heat PacksThermaCELL’s new Heat Packs are unlike disposable air-activated hand warmer packets in that they provide users with three different temperature settings (reaching up to 116°F), can be turned off and used at a later time, and are completely rechargeable.

They’re available in two different sizes–smaller Hand Warmers (2-pack) and larger Pocket Warmers (1-pack)–and last up to six hours per charge. Construction is from materials that have thermal properties that allow for more effective transfer of heat to the body.

Instead of exposing packets of chemical compounds to the air as you do with disposable packs, simply turn on the Heat Pack’s switch, select your preferred heat setting, place in your glove or pocket, and enjoy comfort from the cold.

ThermaCELL’s Heat Packs are one of the lightest and thinnest rechargeable warmers on the market today and can withstand winter’s harshest elements. They’re great for jackets, pants, gloves, or anywhere you need extra warmth. They recharge in four hours or less and are good for hundreds of charges.

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