Long Range Shooting Seminars with Aaron Davidson

Aarondavidsonhnt4evrblog111513Long range marksman and shooter Aaron Davidson has two exciting and informative seminars at the 2016 SCI Convention, to help you wring the most out of your rifle when faced with a long range shot. Sign up for these popular seminars today!Dealing with the Wind

With the right rifle, scope and rangefinder, correcting for bullet drop becomes very simple, even routine. However, long range shooting is not so easy the wind still requires tremendous amounts of practice and practical experience to evaluate. This seminar will discuss how wind deflects the bullet when shooting long range. Ballistics fundamentals, rules of thumb, and advanced corrections will be discussed. You will leave this seminar with real tools and
techniques that you can use to be successful this fall.

Selecting a Long Range Bullet

When picking a bullet for long range hunting, the rules are different. You still need accuracy and consistency, but now you also need adequate terminal performance. This seminar will cover how bullets work, and what makes bullets work better for long range hunting. You will leave this seminar with real tools and understanding that you can use to evaluate existing hunting bullets
for long range applications.



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