Paying It Forward–Safari Care Blue Bags

Bell Family Safari Cares Blue BagsLarry and Ellen Bell of Midland, Texas joined with SCI Foundation Safari Care Blue Bags to develop and fund the “Bell Family Blue Bags Paying it Forward” in memory of their daughter Amy Bell who was a dedicated huntress and conservationist. She died at a young age. Amy’s legacy is her philanthropic generosity that helped those in need around the world. She established a foundation to support agencies worldwide that provided education and wellness for children.

Amy’s family is deeply committed to continue the legacy that Amy created by promoting her “Pay it Forward” spirit through the world. In the words of Larry Bell, “We know that hunters are some of the most caring and giving souls on earth. They care about people, they care about conservation of animals and they care about leaving the world a better place than they found it. We hope that by spreading the word about this Blue Bag program in a more deliberate way we can bring more attention to this pattern of giving where hunters are routinely Paying it Forward to those less fortunate all over the world.”

Larry Bell made a recent trip to Zimbabwe where he presented a Bell Family Blue Bag to a school. In addition, in the spirit of “Paying it Forward” he made a cash gift to pay the quarterly tuition for seventeen children to attend the school. Tuition is $12 per quarter. Bell said that he learned that families of the children skimp and save and try to come up with the money, but sometimes it is difficult. He said the families were thrilled and the children love to go to school.

The Bell Family Blue Bags are available to SCI Chapters and to individual SCI members wanting to help those in need in villages where they are hunting. Blue Bag contents may be clothing, over the counter medical supplies, school supplies, reading glasses, water filters, shoes and more.

You might contact your professional hunter to ask what may be most needed in the country where you plan your hunting trip. Purchasing the contents to put in the bag within that country or community is another way to help those in need.   It can reduce possible shipping costs of the bags via the airlines or otherwise.

If you want to participate in the Bell Family “Paying it Forward” Blue Bag in memory of Amy, contact Karen Crehan in the SCIF Humanitarian Services department to order a Blue Bag for your next trip. Call (520) 620-1220 ext. 231 or email

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