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Your First African Safari

BODDINGTON,firstsafarihnt4evr121013Moderated by Craig Boddington, a blue-ribbon panel discussion will assist you in planning that all-important first safari! This is SCI’s longest-running seminar, now in its 24th year, and attendees “shopping” for their first safari will find it invaluable!

Ludo Wurfbain will discuss books and videos that will help you prepare, Beverly Wunderlich will talk about paperwork and nuts and bolts and advantages to using an agent, Jack Atcheson, Jr. will cover trophy care and taxidermy, Johan Calitz will offer advice on what you should expect from your outfitter and PH…and what they should expect from you! Craig Boddington will discuss guns and loads, packing tips, and shooting tips.

If you’re looking for your first safari, don’t miss this one! And if you’re a veteran looking for new hunting grounds, join in!

One thought on “Your First African Safari”

  1. Do not forget “Doktari” or as he is known Dr. Kevin Robertson and his book “The Perfect Shot”. A tremendous asset!

    Avoid United Air to the best of your abilities. They got me stranded in Windhoek for four days with luggage in Frankfurt. Darn near got my rifle confiscated for lack of a permit in Johannesburg SA.

    Pack your carry on as if you had to live out of it. I did!

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