SCI Mobilizes Members to Reverse Airline Shipping Bans

Click Here to send a letter to Air Canada
Click Here to send a letter to Air Canada!

Editor’s Note: With input from our chapters to the north we have added letters to Air Canada and WestJet. Please take a moment and send a letter to these airlines and show your support of Canadian hunters!

One of the many casualties of the most recent outcry by self proclaimed animal rights defenders is the decision by domestic airlines Delta, United and American to ban shipment of legally taken hunting trophies. Perhaps most disappointing is

Click Here to send a letter to WestJet!
Click Here to send a letter to WestJet!

the ban from Delta Airlines that had, just weeks before, announced its solidarity with hunters, stating unequivocally it would continue shipping all legally hunted animals to the U.S.

Click Here to send a letter to Delta!
Click Here to send a letter to Delta!

It appears that once again, emotional appeals andhalf-truths overruled science and logic. Unfortunately, in the ultimate irony, the very animals at the center of this tug of war are the ones that suffer greatest by this misguided attempt to appease the vocal few. SCI is calling on its members and other concerned hunters and outdoorsmen to sign and forward letters to the CEOs of all three of these airlines and let them know that we will not

Click Here to send a letter to United!
Click Here to send a letter to United!

take this ban lying down. We must make it known that our voices count as well and their arbitrary decision to kowtow to the uninformed few stands to do irreparable damage to the continued existence of these animals in the long run.

CLICK HERE to send a letter to American Airlines

Please take a moment to read the letters and then click to send them to the respective CEO. Make your voice heard and help preserve our hunting heritage!

Airline Embargo Letter_American

Airline Embargo Letter_Delta

Airline Embargo Letter_United

Airline Embargo Letter_Air Canada

Airline Embargo Letter_WestJet

15 thoughts on “SCI Mobilizes Members to Reverse Airline Shipping Bans”

  1. The links to United and American at the bottom of the article are broken and come up “FILE NOT FOUND”

    1. Thomas,
      Thanks for bringing that to our attention. Volume on this has been very heavy and our IT folks are repairing the links that broke at this moment.

  2. All I want to know is why, as a SCI member, did I have to learn about this on the AR Forum?

    1. Jerry,
      Thanks for the comment and a big thanks to Larry for posting this on AR. There is a distribution strategy in place based on volume, response rate, and the various tools SCI has in its toolbox.

  3. SCI,
    I signed and forwarded all three letters here.
    I received copies of all three at my e-mail address.
    Can you please clarify if SCI forwarded my signed copy to the airlines.
    Do I personally need to forward them myself?

    1. Thomas,
      Thank you for sending your letters. They were automatically sent to the airlines. The emails you received were copies for your records.

    1. Thomas, the fight for science based wildlife decisions is never over. If you know anyone who has not sent the letters, please ask them to do so and thank you.

  4. With all due respect,
    Why has the url / address for this campaign been changed?
    Many concerned members and non-members had posted and cross posted the original link to the most popular hunting and shooting websites and most social media platforms, world wide.
    Now, when interested parties follow the posted links they end up on a page that say simply “Page not Found” and encouraged to “Search” for that information.
    I am left scratching my head…

    Thomas Beaham
    SCI Member

    1. Thomas, that was an unfortunate, unintended consequence of having to move the page at a point after it had been launched. If you know of any broken links out there, please let them know this is the new one. Thank you.

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