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Turnbull 1Turnbull Restoration and Manufacturing is the industry leader in restoring vintage firearms. For over 30 years they have fine-tuned their restoration skills and now Turnbull is using those skills to manufacture high quality firearms.

Turnbull Restoration and Manufacturing is dedicated to building every gun with precision and quality. Turnbull lives by a different standard of quality than most gun manufacturers. Most manufacturers will use machined parts and in this process, the parts will need minimal to no fitting by a gunsmith. This process creates a higher tolerance on the gun and tends to be of lesser quality. At Turnbull, all parts are hand fit. This process consists of a skilled gunsmith fitting every part together so the guns tolerance is as low as possible. The process takes much longer but tends to be a much higher quality product in the end. The high standards also apply to testing the gun at certain points during the building process. To ensure the parts fit together properly, Turnbull’s highly skilled gunsmiths will test the mechanisms as they are assembled. Once assembled, the gun is shot tested several times to be sure the gun is functioning at its highest level. If the gun does not meet Turnbull’s high standards, it goes right back to the gunsmith for a full evaluation and retesting.

turnbull2Turnbull Restoration and Manufacturing also builds their new guns with a high level of attention to detail. After years of restoring vintage guns, they have perfected their polish and finish formulas to match the correct time period of the gun. Turnbull has also developed new formulas, like their signature color case hardening, to give customers more design options.

In addition to having different polish and finish options, Turnbull has developed guns with classic engraving patterns. Turnbull has a highly skilled engraver who will meticulously engrave your gun with one of several different engraving patterns. Combining these engraving patterns with the classic look and feel of an original, Turnbull has been able to develop iconic modern firearms. These new models give the buyer options based on personal preference.


Turnbull Restoration and Manufacturing has been dedicated to producing the highest quality product for more than 30 years. They are hard at work to develop new models and formulas to continuously produce higher quality products. To learn more about Turnbull’s line of guns or to have your vintage gun restored, please visit them at www.turnbullmfg.com.

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