Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation Elk Permit Auction

Tennessee-Elk-Permit-2015-(2)-copyDon’t miss this chance at a 2015 Tennessee Conservation Elk Tag!

The TWRF will auction off the tag to the highest bidder on Ebay. The auction will run through July 26, 2015 and proceeds from the sale of this special elk tag will go to benefit the elk restoration program. TWRF is partnering with Tennessee Fish & Wildlife Resources Commissioner Bill Swan, member of the Tennessee Valley Chapter of Safari Club International, on the promotion and sale of this Elk Tag. To date The Tennessee Valley Safari Club and The Safari Club International Foundation have contributed more than $25,000 towards the restoration of elk into Tennessee. The elk hunt will take place at the North Cumberland WMA in East Tennessee from Monday, October 19-23.

The purchaser of this elk permit will be required to purchase a big game license before participating in the hunt. Sportsman and Lifetime license holders are exempt from having to purchase the elk license.  All other licenses and permits to hunt big game in Tennessee are required.

Go on Ebay Now and put in your bid for this rare tag!

For more information Contact:

Johnny Allred Development Director

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation 615-831-9311 Ext 118

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