ProSounds Announces Revolutionary New Hearing Protection

X-ProIncludesProSounds, parent company of SportEAR recently announced an innovative new design. The new X-Pro series includes all the comfort features you expect to find in the ProSounds and SportEAR lines, but has a revolutionary new design  featuring a patent pending acoustic valve that allows natural sound through when open, and with a push of a button provides up to 30 db of hearing protection. This allows the user to activate or deactivate the hearing protection without removing the ear plugs and running the risk of losing or damaging them by frequently putting them in and taking them out. The X-Pro series are the only ear plugs that offer the exclusive Push to Hear feature. The X-Pro also offers a comfortable fit and several tips provide the utmost in comfort and hearing protection.

ProSounds-XPro“The X-Pro is a game changer for the hearing protection industry,” says Weston Harris, President and Innovator of ProSounds. “The unique features of the X-Pro series allow the user to wear hearing protection continuously, but maintain normal hearing when necessary.”

ProSounds is encouraging their customers and anyone who needs professional quality hearing protection to get involved with this revolutionary product on Kickstarter.

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