Rigby Heritage Rifle

Rigby Heritage Rifle Honors Asia

Rigby Heritage Rifle
The actual rifle stock blank is shown here with an example of a pre-war .350 Rigby rifle.

John Rigby & Co is creating the second functional work of art in the World Heritage Rifle Series this year. It is a John Rigby & Co. London Best bolt-action in .350 Rigby.

The rifle will be created in the style of the legendary pre-1940s Magnum Mauser-actioned rifle.

Engraving will incorporate an Indian jungle scene to be completed by a master engraver. Details of this will follow in a later month.

At least 12 people will individually work on the rifle and it will take 10 months to complete.

“We are delighted to have the chance to once more support SCI by donating this rifle as the second of the World Heritage Series of Rifles,” said Marc Newton, Managing Director of John Rigby & Co. “Rigby will be focusing on the Indian Subcontinent with a .350 Rigby London Best.

Rigby Heritage Rifle
Marc Newton of Rigby is shown here, holding the donation rifle stock blank in the Rigby workshop where the rifle will come to life.

“Rigby ceased regular production of the rifle in 1956,” he explained. “This makes the donation rifle quite unique and it will be the first of its kind since Rigby has been repatriated to London.

“The rifle will be engraved with exquisite jungle scenes to capture the spirit of India and will have the complete feel of a pre-war classic Rigby,” Newton explained. “We will be creating a rifle that would have felt at home in the hands of Jim Corbett chasing a man eater or two.

“A little know fact is that Rigby exported more rifles to India than Africa, so it is only fitting that John Rigby & Co. will be making a rifle that celebrates this for the World Heritage Series of Rifles for SCI,” Newton said.

The World Heritage Rifle Series began last year when John Bolliger Sr. and Jr. created the Africa rifle that brought $140,000 at auction during the 2015 SCI Convention.

The series consists of five rifles, one to be sold each consecutive year at action during the SCI Convention.

Rigby Heritage Rifle
Vladimir Tomascik works on a Rigby bolt-action rifle at the company’s facilities in London.

This year’s Rigby Asia rifle will be auctioned at the 2016 SCI Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Third in the Series is a rifle honoring Europe. It will be created by New England Custom Gun and will be auctioned at the 2017 SCI Convention.

Fourth in the Series is a rifle honoring Oceania. It will be created by Ryan Breeding and will be auctioned at the 2018 SCI Convention.

Fifth and final in the Series is a rifle honoring the Americas. It will be created by John Bolliger’s Mountain Riflery and will be auctioned at the 2019 SCI Convention.

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