Lufthansa To Stop Shipment of Hunting Trophies

Lufthansa_Cargo-According to a memorandum authored by the Africa Director of Lufthansa Cargo, the company has decided to stop its shipment of hunting trophies from “all Africa (Johannesburg Airport) origins.”  The memo indicates that this change will take place “with immediate effect.”
Lufthansa is the third airline to announce changes to its trophy shipment policies, following similar announcements made by South African Airways and Emirates’ cargo divisions.  In contrast, Delta Air Lines put out a statement on May 13, 2015 in which the airline confirmed that it would not discontinue its practice of transporting hunting trophies.  The airline stated that “Delta accepts hunting trophies in accordance with all U.S. domestic and international regulations. . . .”
SCI will continue its ongoing work with our partners in the hunting community to reverse decisions such as the one announced by Lufthansa and to demonstrate that such decisions harm rather than help wildlife conservation.  Please continue to monitor your communications from SCI for further developments on this and other issues important to the hunting community.

2 thoughts on “Lufthansa To Stop Shipment of Hunting Trophies”

  1. My last 2 boxes of trophies were flown from S Africa to Europe by Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways respectively – both times arriving into Europe at Frankfurt airport, since this is the preferred destination of my shipper in S Africa – no hassle and very quick customs clearance.
    Both times, all went very well, with no problems.

  2. Lufthansa Cargo = Lufthansa. One can only encourage the use of other Airlines!
    Jan R. Lycke
    Oslo, NORWAY.

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