No. 8 Livingstone eland

SCI’s Top Livingstone Eland

Livingstone eland range.
Livingstone eland range.

Taurotragus oryx livingstonei

Named after the missionary and explorer Dr. David Livingstone (1813-1884).

DESCRIPTION: Slightly darker than the Cape eland, typically with six to ten thin white stripes on its sides and a dark brown band on the rear surfaces of the forelegs above the knees. The backs of the pasterns are whitish. The forehead hair mat is well-developed and chocolate brown in color. Some populations have white streaks below the eyes.

DISTRIBUTION: Angola; the extreme north and the Caprivi Strip in Namibia; Botswana north of the Kalahari; Zambia; Katanga Province in southeastern Congo (K); Malawi; Zimbabwe; and Mozambique except in the extreme south.

TAXONOMIC NOTES: Includes kaufmanni (Caprivi), livingstonei (western Zambia), niediecki (Kafue River), selousi (Mashonaland) and triangularis (Zambezi), with livingstonei Sclater, 1864 having priority.

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