Hunter Safety, Hunter education

Southern NM Chapter Teaches Hunter Safety

Hunter Safety, Hunter education
Shown left to right are Southern New Mexico Chapter members Larry Marshall, Chapter Board member and Treasurer; Dr. Bob Parsons; Phil Coats; and Mark Rogers standing in front of the New Mexico Hunter Education trailer.

Long before there was a chapter of SCI in Roswell, New Mexico, some of its current members were teaching the N.M. State Game & Fish Department Hunter Education Class.

To date, nearly 1,000 young boys and girls have received their hunter certification through the efforts of these dedicated men.

A couple of years ago the Southern New Mexico Chapter was approached by the NM Game & Fish Department to help with the purchase of an enclosed trailer that could be designed as a shooting trailer for use with the Hunter Ed classes.

The board of directors offered to buy two trailers for the department, if they would promise that one of them would be permanently located in Roswell.  The trailers would also have to prominently display the chapter logo and SCI mission.  The department agreed, and the chapter invested $9,177 in the two trailers.

On the weekend of Feb. 28, one of the trailers was put to use for the first time with a Hunter Ed class taught by SNMSCI chapter members in Dexter, NM.

The trailers are designed so that students can practice their rifle skills with a pellet gun by shooting into a special device inside the trailer.  This allows for the trailer to be used at any location without having to find a gun range to take the students to.–Herb Atkinson

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