Discover Card drops HSUS

Discover Card Drops HSUS is a watchdog group that specifically focuses on the deceptive practices of Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). It educates potential HSUS supporters of facts such as HSUS is not your local animal shelter, spends less than 1% of donations on local pet shelters, and has paid more than $15 million to settle a federal RICO lawsuit alleging bribery and fraud.

Discover Card drops HSUS
HumaneWatch’s successful “Discover The Scam” campaign included billboards in New York’s Times Square and resulted in Discover Card cancelling an affinity program with HSUS.

We were pleased, then, to learn that HumaneWatch recently scored a major win when its “Discover the Scam” campaign caused Discover Card to cancel an affinity program with HSUS. HumaneWatch estimates the cancelation will cost HSUS between $450,000 and $2 million.

HumaneWatch’s “Discover The Scam” campaign was a pure grassroots effort that drew attention to HSUS’s practices through social media video and billboards in New York’s Times Square. Instead of attacking HSUS directly, HumaneWatch pulled a page from the anti’s playbook by going after Discover for helping to financially support HSUS.

HumaneWatch already has another company lined up that it intends to educate on HSUS, so stand by to be part of the next victory. Until then, HumaneWatch wanted those who participated in “Discover the Scam” to politely thank Discover for its move.

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