SCI Communications Wins Gold AVA Digital Award

AVAgold-statuetteSafari Club International has won the prestigious Gold AVA Digital Award for its Hunt Forever blog. Hunt Forever is a digital extension of SAFARI Magazine that recently surpassed the 1 million view mark. There were about 2,100 other entries from around the world in the 2015 international competition, and only four blogs earned a Gold AVA.

The award “recognizes excellence by creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design and production of digital communication,” and is presented by The Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals (AMCP), which consists of several thousand production, marketing, communication, advertising, public relations and free-lance professionals.

“We are very pleased to have our Hunt Forever blog deemed among the best in the world,” said Steve Comus, SCI Director of Publications. “These honors come from outside the hunting industry and put SCI, hunting and hunters in a good light even when judged by others in the world who may not have known nor understood them.”

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