SCI Convention 2015 Draws to a Close

The exhibitors have packed up their wares and have locked in many of their hunts for the year. The last of the auctioneers chant is fading, another SCI Convention is over and while there were lots of opportunities to visit with old friends and realize new dreams, the primary goal at this convention as with all conventions, is to rededicate ourselves to preserving our hunting heritage. Thank you for joining us this year, and we hope to see you in 2016!

One thought on “SCI Convention 2015 Draws to a Close”

  1. I went to Africa for the first time in 2004 and SCI Reno in 2005. I have not missed SCI in Reno or Las Vegas since my First year. I also give it my all, 4 full days, have bought over $50,000 on Auction items. BUT
    every year they just keep nickel and dime us more and more. $15 to mail the show badge. $15,000 to get in the Patrons lounge. I am sure that I will keep making an appearance, but if things don’t change they will not get anymore of my Auction money.

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