Sheep Hunt Auction to Benefit HDF

RedbonesheephuntauctionThe annual SCI Convention is known for the exciting and diverse auctions that take place, and the 2015 Convention is no exception. This year, there will be a unique auction on Saturday Feb. 7 for a rare sheep hunt to benefit the Hunter Defense Fund.

The hunt is a 7-day bighorn sheep hunt in Montana on the Fort Belknap Indian Community Reservation in the Missouri River Breaks Region and is only the second tag offered by the Fort Belknap Indian Community in 20 years! This fully guided hunt includes a license/tag/plug from Fort Belknap Indian Coummunity, two guides, all meals, and lodging at Redbone Outfitting‘s Zortman Facility.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hunt some of the biggest rams in North America while supporting the Hunter Defense Fund and their ongoing fight to preserve our rights to hunt worldwide!

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