Deb Ferns – Babes With Bullets Seminars

debbiefernshndgun101hnt4evr121413Once again, Deb Ferns graces the SCI Convention with her humorous and intelligent seminars on encouraging women to hunt and shoot. Her approach addresses the fears and concerns many women have who are new to the shooting and hunting sports. As she stated in a recent NRA radio  interview, “My goal is to help women overcome their fear of firearms, to become educated about the tool and its users. Then each woman can make an informed decision on whether they want to own or shoot a gun, whether they want to participate in a hunting program, instead of letting the mainstream media make that decision for them.”

To that end Deb brings back her popular seminars for the 2015 SCI Convention in Las Vegas.

In Accommodating the Novice Female Hunter, Deb admits that she didn’t understand the hunting heritage that her father and brother so strongly embraced. In her inimitable style, Deb addresses her concerns about the early mornings and her unwillingness to be wet and cold. Turning to more serious concerns of women entering the hunting arena, she looks at the fear of not making a humane shot or doing something unsafe with her firearm. Deb shares a number of baby steps that will introduce women initially to the gun range and ultimately to a confidence level that will work in a variety of hunting environments.

DebFernNovicefemaleseminarhnt4evr010214With Encouraging Women to Pull a Trigger, Deb addresses the best ways to encourage women who might be undecided, to learn how to use a gun. Deb has spent the last ten years encouraging thousands of women to pull a trigger for the first time. Her common sense approach entails challenging women to step outside their comfort zone, first by coming to a gun range  and then on to the hunting field.

These fun and informative seminars are a must-attend for anyone with the slightest interest in encouraging women to enjoy the hunting and shooting sports. The first 20 attendees to each seminar will receive an autographed book by Deb at the end of the seminar. Don’t wait! These seminars will fill up fast. Register today!


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