Artist of the Year – Cynthie Fisher Conservationist, Huntress.

Deadly Dance by Cynthie Fisher
Deadly Dance by Cynthie Fisher

Cynthie Fisher was raised in the city, though she was always drawn to nature and animals.  She was only three years old when she started sketching scenes of horses galloping across the same fields where she earned insect bites and sunburns.   Fisher dreamed of becoming a biologist so she could devote her career to animals and, after several years headed in the direction of being a scientist, Fisher noticed that her class notebooks were full of doodles and sketches of wildlife.  Her doodles of horses progressed through the years, and were telling to any artist that Fisher was gifted.   Her sights reset on a new career path that allowed her to explore both her passions–wildlife and art.
Fast forward to the present, Fisher is now an accomplished wildlife artist with a new award to add to her list of achievements–SCI Foundation’s 2015 Conservation Artist of the Year! Each year, SCI Foundation seeks to highlight an outstanding wildlife artist for not only their talent but also their commitment to conservation. The foundation is honored to add Fisher to this highly esteemed group.
Fisher believes the hunting community is the lifeblood of most current conservation efforts, and is a staunch supporter of these groups and the message they deliver. As a member of Artists for Conservation, Fisher volunteers with her local wildlife department and regularly donates to conservation efforts in her home state of Montana.

Ladies First - Cynthie Fisher
Ladies First – Cynthie Fisher

“Everything in my life revolves around wildlife and nature,” Fisher says. “My home is filled with hundreds of my favorite creatures. I paint them, eat them, mount them, and donate a lot of my time and effort to conservation efforts. Animals are the most important things in my life.”
Fisher believes that painting is her way of further demonstrating her love and appreciation for the natural world. Her paintings concentrate on depicting unique animal behaviors and interactions learned from a lifetime of studying and observing wildlife. However, Fisher’s success as an artist not only stems from her work as a scientist and conservationist, but also from her experiences as a hunter. She gathers invaluable references on her hunting and photography excursions, and it is reflected in her choice of subject matter.

The Kopje Male
The Kopje Male

Fisher travels all around the world in pursuit of wildlife and habitat inspirations. She has been to every continent except Antarctica, and has visited Africa 16 times. Her trips always involve equal amounts of photographing and hunting. Fisher’s travels and time in the field make her paintings come to life. It allows her to study wildlife in their natural environments.  She has first-hand accounts where she has observed wildlife habitats, movements and survival mechanisms that make her paintings more realistic.
Her world travels provide her with a range of subjects. Fisher has painted everything from chickadees to killer whales, but she is drawn to big game species. She most enjoys painting ungulates such as antelope, sheep and deer. Her fascination with ungulate species complements this year’s Artist of the Year painting of a white-tailed deer.

Artist of the Year painting,The Deer by Cynthie Fisher
Artist of the Year painting,The Deer by Cynthie Fisher

Known for accuracy and strong use of lighting, Fisher’s painting features a strong buck overlooking a small herd of grazing does. This landscape depicts what any hunter would wish to stumble upon during an early morning in the field, which is what makes the painting so enticing. She paints not only realistic scenes, but scenes that she or any hunter would love to witness.
“I hope to be recognized as an artist who has seen her subjects in the field. Naturally, I’ve hunted these deer a lot, and have yet to find a really big one, but this desire helps form my work,” Fisher says. “For my Artist of the Year painting, I chose a design that features a lovely large buck that I’d like to see on a hunt someday. I think a lot of hunters can relate to that wish, and I hope they will appreciate the painting and how it represents either a memory or a wish for them.”
Fisher’s passion for wildlife truly makes her work unique, realistic and captivating. Her Artist of the Year painting will be auctioned at the 2015 Annual Hunter Convention in February. Do not miss the opportunity to bid on this beautiful piece. As hunters, we all dream of hoisting that perfect buck on to our walls, and with Fisher’s magnificent painting, you can.
Fisher recently returned from a photography excursion in Tanzania. No doubt the trip left her VERY inspired to create new Africa-themed works to accompany her amazing Artist of the Year creation! To learn more about Fisher and to explore her work visit

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