Knife Sharpening & Choosing the Proper Knife

CLAYCOMBTomSharpenKnifeseminarhnt4evr110513While it may seem obivious, despite the fact that virtually every hunter uses a knife, only about 5% know how to sharpen one properly. Join us in Las Vegas Feb. 4-7 for the SCI Annual Convention and experience this informative and lively seminar on all things sharp.

Tom Claycomb will show you the steps you need to ensure you have the sharpest tool in the drawer, or on your hip. He will also discuss the best techniques for sharpening serrated edges and how to steel your boning/fillet knife. Tom will also give you some pointers on how to choose the knife style and design to provide the best tool for your needs.

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  1. I agree that knife sharpening is extremely important and besides you will love it (a bit similar to meditation =). A must visit event!

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