A New Vision – Guy Combes Shares New Works

Guy Combes is returning to the SCI Convention in 2015 with a fresh stack of oil paintings. Each one proves convincingly that he is no longer haunted by the tragic death of his father, Simon, a naturalized Kenyan who served in the King’s African Rifles and later became a fierce anti-poaching conservationist.  He was mortally gored, at age 64, when a Cape buffalo charged out of dense underbrush while he was hiking with his wife, Kat, and a friend, hoping to catch a sunset in their favorite place on Earth—the Great Rift Valley.

Guy is finding his own way and his work is originally his own. It has contemporary freshness that younger collectors find even more appealing than his dad’s traditional approach to painting wildlife. Here is a sampling of what will be on display in Las Vegas at the 2015 SCI Convention.

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