Attendees spend time on the shotgun range

SCI Co-Hosts World Forum on Shooting Activities Fall Meeting

WFSA annual conference attendees
More than 30 attendees from around the world participated in the World Forum on Shooting Activities co-hosted by SCI at the Granite Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

For more than a decade, SCI has served on the Executive Committee of the World Forum on Shooting Activities (WFSA). The WFSA is an umbrella advocacy organization, working in concert with international bodies, national governments and regulatory authorities, for the worldwide promotion and preservation of the shooting sports. Founded in 1996, the WFSA has more than 44 existing associations and organizations from as far apart as Switzerland and New Zealand, Sweden and South Africa. It represents more than one hundred million sport shooters around the world.

Attendees spend time on the shotgun range
Participants in the WFSA fall meeting participated in many activities at SCI’s Granite Creek ranch including shotgun shooting.

This year, SCI co-hosted the WFSA fall meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the National Rifle Association and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Institute. More than thirty attendees from Australia, Europe, Canada and the U.S. discussed the growing threat of UN gun control, and strategized on ways to keep traditional ammunition legal despite numerous threats around the world. Unfortunately, one of the biggest long-term threats to gun owners is the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which is only five signatures away from going into effect. WFSA plans to continue working through the UN to minimize the impact of the ATT once it is ratified.

As part of this event, the attendees toured and participated in numerous activities at the Safari Club International Foundation Granite Creek Ranch. Sue Hankner and Todd Roggenkamp were extremely gracious hosts and the WFSA participants came away very impressed with the Ranch operation. If you would like to learn more about the WFSA please visit their website.

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