War in the Woods – Fighting the Marijuana Cartels

Lt. Nores
Lt. John Nores of the Marijuana Enforcement Team and partner.

SCI brings back one of the most popular seminars to the 2015 Annual Convention at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Lt. John Nores and Warden Jerry Karnow will highlight the environmental impacts and threats to wildlife and public safety from the drug cartels of Mexico and the ongoing illegal growing operations in wilderness areas. They will focus on the effectiveness of the recently formed special operations Marijuana Enforcement Team and the multiple apprehensions, prosecutions and grow site restorations that have taken place over the last year, and have influenced conservation efforts nationwide.

The team will also highlight the benefits of these operations to sportsmen and conservation officers across the country and how MET helps stop the poisoning of waterways and wildlife habitat, while protecting the natural resources for current and future generations. Register for this exciting and informative seminar before all the seats are gone!


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