Your First African Safari

BODDINGTON,firstsafarihnt4evr121013Your hunt is booked, the excitement is mounting, your first African safari is about to be a reality! Join Craig Boddington and a blue ribbon panel at the 2015 SCI Convention to learn the ins and outs that will help you make sure your dream hunt doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

This is SCI’s longest running seminar and demand for seats is always high. You can look forward to: Ludo Wurfbain leads a discussion of books and videos that will help you prepare for your first safari, Beverly Wunderlich will talk about the paperwork involved and the advantages of using an agent, Jack Atcheson Jr. will cover care of your trophy and taxidermy, Johan Calitz will give helpful advice on what to expect from your outfitter and what they should expect from you, and of course, Craig Boddington will discuss guns, loads as well as packing and shooting tips. Don’t miss this stellar seminar! Register Today!


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