Treating Emergencies in the Wilderness

Drmealerhnt4evrblog111813As passionate and dedicated hunters, we know that the best trophies are also the the hardest to find and usually in areas that are tough to navigate. If you are a professional guide or outfitter, you know that rough and remote terrain can be a danger to your clients when medical problems or serious injuries occur.

Join us at the 2015 SCI Convention for this important and informative seminar.  Dr. William Mealer covers a wide range of topics and medical issues that may arise on the hunt, including altitude sickness, heat stroke or heat exhaustion, pulmonary edemas, hypothermia, frostbite, animal bites and more! This seminar is a must for anyone who spends time in the rugged and remote areas of the world. Register today for this and all the seminars at the 2015 SCI Convention, before all the seats are gone!



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