Gaston J. Glock Style LP Renews Corporate Sponsorship

GastonBanner copySafari Club International is happy to announce Gaston J. Glock Style LP’s renewal of their corporate sponsorship.

“As a leader in the field of high-quality hunting and shooting apparel and accessories, Gaston J. Glock Style is acutely aware of the importance of protecting and supporting the hunting lifestyle and traditions,” said Phil DeLone, CEO of Safari Club International. “The philosophy and world wide impact that SCI promotes in defending our hunting heritage is abundantly evident in the similar impact Gaston J. Glock Style has had on their industry.”

Known for their unique eco-friendly approach to creating cutting edge apparel with timeless and traditional lines, Gaston J. Glock Style has been steadily becoming the brand of choice for outdoorsmen and women around the world.

“Gaston J. Glock Style and Safari Club International have a wonderful partnership,” said Beate Arnold, CEO of Gaston J. Glock Style. “SCI’s efforts in the world wide conservation of animals, their fight against poachers and their continued mission to promote the Lightweightlodenjackethunting heritage ties closely with our own corporate philosophies. We look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership for years to come.”

Gaston J. Glock Style is world renowned for providing high quality health-conscious garments and equipment for anyone who loves the outdoors. Based on classic European style, the company is proud of the manufacturing processes that create comfortable and long-wearing products from recycled materials and produced with an eye toward eco-awareness and sustainability.


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