Bullseyes Without a Bench – Seminar with Wayne van Zwoll

VanZwollWaynehnt4evr101513One of the highlights of every SCI Convention are the many seminars hosted by some of the most well known names in the industry and 2015 is no exception.

Join Dr. Wayne van Zwoll for this very informative and lively seminar. Bullseyes without a Bench, Covers rifles, sights and loads, shooting positions and techniques that help you make first-bullet kills; mistakes hunters don’t know they make; effects of wind and shot angles; demystifying minutes and mills; tips for long-distance hits; the art of snap shooting and stories from the game fields of North American and abroad are all covered in this must see seminar.

Wayne van Zwoll shares the knowledge of 40 years of hunting and marksmanship in this important seminar. As a big game hunter, you owe to yourself to register for this seminar before all the seats are filled!


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