Brilliant New M600 From ExtremeBeam

huntforeverextremebeamm600There’s no reason to sacrifice light-casting distance for long lasting battery life. ExtremeBeam’s new M600 Fusion lets you have both in one tough package.

Using a 600 lumen high output LED and an improved version of our Superlumen reflector cone, the M600 Fusion is capable of projecting a wide set beam to distances of over 300 meters. The reflecting cone is machined from solid bar stock aluminum which gives optimum light casting ability.

The M600 Fusion has a runtime of 6 hours at the high setting, 12 hours in medium and 24 hours in low as well as 10 hours in strobe mode. The M600 also features double O-ring seals for waterproof protection at depths up to 30 feet and ExtremeBeam’s exclusive Anti-Recoil system allowing the user to mount to weapons up to .50 BMG.

The M600 Fusion weighs only 9 ounces and measures just over 6 inches in length. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and retails at around $130.

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