SCI Welcomes SportEAR

huntforeversportearallinoneblockSafari Club International is pleased to announce that SportEAR has signed on as a corporate sponsor.

“We are proud to renew our commitment to the Safari Club International organization and support their mission to protect our freedom to hunt and enjoy the outdoors fully, and as we see fit.” Said Weston Harris, Founder and President of SportEAR. “Supporting SCI and its members has always been a number one priority to SportEAR. We have developed so many great friendships through this organization and look forward to many more! SportEAR will always be a strong supporter of the SCI cause.”

SportEAR has been manufacturing the world’s most advanced huntforeversportearselectafithearing enhancement and protection instruments for over 12 years. SportEAR based its innovative designs on the needs of hunters and shooters in the field. Being lifelong hunters, the SportEAR team knows what it takes to stand up to the rugged environments and demanding situations outdoorsmen and women endure and have created a unique line of products that enhance and protect hearing at the same time.

“Safari Club International is fortunate to have corporate partners such as SportEAR,” said Phil DeLone, CEO of SCI. “Their dedication to our hunting heritage and their commitment to furthering the mission of SCI world wide makes them a perfect complement to the Safari Club philosophy.”

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