Book Review – The Perfect Shot II by Kevin “Doctari” Robertson

huntforeverbookreviewPerfectshotIISome things in life are simple. Anyone going on safari to Africa needs to buy, read, understand and in some parts memorize this book, The Perfect Shot II. It simply is that important.

A dozen years ago, when licensed professional hunter and veterinarian Kevin “Doctari” Robertson’s original book, The Perfect Shot, was published, it redefined the ways hunters prepared for their safaris in Africa. The Perfect Shot II expands the quality and quantity of coverage significantly, thus taking the concept to both newer and higher levels – which also means that hunters who already have the original book are well advised to invest in the updated edition for a number of reasons.

Each animal is shown in at least one color field picture as well as a color “ghost view” that illustrates the shoulder bones, heart, lungs, brain and spinal column. The views allow you to see precisely where to place your shot in relation to how the animal may be standing. Most species now have multiple illustrations from different angles for easier understanding of the different shot-placement options.

The new edition has been completely revised and updated with extensive additions to the text; 300 all-new photos of the animals covered; and revised, detailed anatomical drawings.

The Perfect Shot II also has shot-placement details for a number of species not covered in the original edition, including blesbok, bongo, black wildebeest, grysbok, nyala, reedbuck, roan and steenbok. In all, 27 African game species are now covered.

The chapters on bullet construction and performance have been revised substantially to cover the advances in bullet development that have occurred in the 12 years since the publication of the original edition.

The invaluable natural history section on each animal contains trophy-assessment hints as well as how to determine the sex of an animal. Other chapters include caliber and bullet selection, trophy handling, basic animal anatomy and practical tips on how to make that “perfect shot.”

The author’s discussion of rifles and cartridges for the various species is worth the price of the book alone. His points are made on the basis of actual performance on the animals in Africa under actual safari conditions. Anyone who likes .50-caliber on the big stuff but also lauds the .404 Jeffery is talking straight.

“Doctari” Robertson is a proponent of heavy-for-caliber bullets on game. He states his case well in the book, and it is well worth reading and understanding the concept before making final safari decisions.

Although no single volume could address in detail all of the possible combinations that CAN work in Africa, it is certain that the advice given in this book is based on combinations that HAVE worked in Africa and WILL work for those who follow the tips.

As much as this book should be considered mandatory for anyone going hunting in Africa for the first time, or for anyone who will be hunting different species there than they have hunted before, the truth is that this book is equally valuable for those who have logged in multiple safaris. For them, it is a superb refresher and reference that is worth its price as a final preparation tool.

There may be many shots on game that can result in success. But nothing substitutes for making the perfect shot the first time. It’s more than simply the logical thing to do. It is the right thing to do.– Steve Comus

PRICE: $100.00

SPECS: 378pp, profuse color photos, 8.5×11, hardcover.

Volume 77 in Safari Press’s Classics in African Hunting Series
Ltd. edn. 1,000 numbered, signed, and slipcased copies.

Available from Safari Press

Also available in a trade edition, hardcover with dust jacket for $85.


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