Glamour Guns – Masterpieces from Krieghoff

H. Krieghoff of Ulm, Germany has been producing fine European hunting guns since their early beginnings in 1886. In the late fifties and early sixties, they began to explore adding competitions guns to their line, and today their Model 32 and K-80 and K-20 have made Krieghoff a household name among competition shooters and gun connoisseurs in the U.S., however in Europe they are still known for fine hunting guns created with true old world craftsmanship.

One thought on “Glamour Guns – Masterpieces from Krieghoff”

  1. Years ago I shot a Krieghoff 32 when I was a trap shooter. This gun and a Remington 1100 were my favorite trap guns. I was a AA shooter. This has been 40 years ago. Darn, time goes fast.
    Yes, great shotgun!! The weapon you are showing is a beauty!!đź‘Ť

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