Perazzi – The Purpose Driven Firearm Manufacturer

huntforeverperazzichairPerazzi builds bespoke guns for every sport because one size definitely does not fit all.

Perazzi tracks trends so their designs evolve with the sport, the shooter and the changing shooting techniques. This flexibility is possible because each gun has always been fully customizable.

Full customization is the greatest advantage and greatest challenge for manufacturing but also for their dealers. It takes time and knowledge to explain all the models, options and to discuss the handling characteristics of each.

Perazzi is truly a global brand. Their guns are recognized as the premiere high performance tool for the international disciplines. Perazzi’s design, components and manufacturing techniques provide the platforms and foundation to produce the enormous variety of models they do. You must first start with a time-tested huntforeverperazzishooter2firearm “lock, stock and barrel.” This means proven triggers, the strongest lock up, custom stocks and the finest barrels. It doesn’t matter if they make one unique gun or 50, the goal is to give the customers what they want.

The following examples are just a few new models that are the realization to meet the changing market demands.

MX20C Ladies Sporter

Sporting clays is the fastest growing clay target discipline bringing in new shooters from all demographics. They saw the need to build a gun specifically designed for women. It is called the Ladies Sporter and has been very well received. The gun is mostly focused on the stock dimensions to accommodate a woman’s anatomy. In general, huntforeverperazzicloseupwomen have higher cheek bones and longer necks. The parallel comb with Monte Carlo heel accommodated this perfectly. It is also very forgiving with inconsistent gun mounts. In addition, a slightly offset comb helps reduce cheekbone recoil.

To insure that the bottom of the stock did not dig into the shooter’s chest, the stock’s toe has more cast off/on, more pitch and a round recoil pad end.

In general, a relaxed pistol grip with reduced circumference and slender forend will fit smaller hands more naturally.

huntforeverperazziinstructorThe majority of guns have been ordered in 20 gauge and came in a manageable 7 ¼ lbs. Ultimately, the specific weight of the gun depends on the wood density and the desired barrel specifications.

Perazzi surveyed numerous women shooters and found a consensus with certain aesthetic features.

An attractive nickel receiver, lighter wood tone with high contrast grain and a tramline checkered rib were the most requested features.

All features of the gun can be specified and most of the options are included in the standard price. The basic configuration with chokes starts at $11,536 but can be ordered with engraving and wood upgrades.

MXS Sporter

The MXS Sporter was designed to give shooters Perazzi experience at a lower price point, which starts at $6,900.

By making the gun semi-custom, they were able to realize reduced huntforeverperazziMXSBluedproduction costs. The gun embodies all the most popular specifications without any sacrifice in performance. Production will be fairly limited. All aspects of the gun are tried and true from previous models.


Side-by-Side design has remained essentially unchanged for over 100 years. The proliferation of options and endless quest to perfect the over & under has not carried over to the SXS until Mr. Perazzi went back to the drawing board. The goal of all his designs has always been to provide the most reliable high performance gun available that can endure a lifetime of volume shooting.

While we all appreciate a vintage SXS, we know they are notorious for poor barrel regulation, temperamental single triggers, outdated stock profiles and weak lock ups. Recoil is much more difficult to control when the barrels are not sitting within a deep O&U receiver.

Perazzi broke tradition with the old and ushered in a totally new approach with designs that were all proven on his O&Us.

huntforeverperazzishooter1When you combine the MX8 detachable trigger, the TM9X double locking lug system, custom stocks and spot-on regulated barrels, you have now built the most stable SXS platform that will take your SXS game to the next level.

While only a few DC12 have been built so far, Perazzi USA receives many calls from the recipients who explain how unbelievably good it is for sporting clays, pigeon shooting and field trial trainers. A few Vintagers said that the gun gives them an “unfair advantage.” Another customer commented that “it smashes everything in sight.”

It is truly amazing to think of how all this can be accomplished at a competitive price point with other mass produced guns.– Al Kondak

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