Supporters of SCI Member Kendall Jones Respond to Critics

kendalljonesDue to the mass amount of media inquiries regarding Kendall Jones recent African Safari, her family, friends, and supporters wish to issue a statement on her behalf.

First and foremost, it’s imperative to make mention that all of Kendall’s hunts in Zimbabwe and South Africa were 100% legal with proper tags and licenses awarded on a pre-approved quota by the countries officials and wildlife department.

Secondly, the tags, licenses, and fees purchased in addition to the services provided by local trackers, skinners, and assistants totaled over $160,000 USD, not including travel and/or production costs.  In Zimbabwe, 70% of the country’s population is classified as poor or extremely poor.  This money can provide a great deal of stimulus for the local economies in addition to the estimated $200 million annually of which hunters contribute to the overall African economy.  In the most rural areas, where many of these hunts take place, a majority of the people are unemployed and depend on bartering as a way of living.  We’re very proud of Kendall and Cody in not only helping to conserve these species for future generations, but also for helping contribute both money and jobs to an extremely poor area of Africa.

At this point, we are still on pace to air the content of Kendall’s hunts in early 2015.  With regards to the death threats Kendall has received from various members of activist organizations, we would simply ask that these folks consider if threatening to murder a human being for 100% legal behavior makes you worthy of the freedom to express your love for animals.  Although our ideologies may be differ from those making threats, we, as a family, still have a profound respect for human life and the law.

Please direct any additional requests through Kendall’s Facebook page at


Thank you,

Family, Friends, and Supporters of Kendall Jones

13 thoughts on “Supporters of SCI Member Kendall Jones Respond to Critics”

  1. Nice work Kendall and Co keep it up. Looking forward to seeing more pics from your hunts.

  2. Well said! Keep up the good work, and pass along the values of hunting to the masses.

  3. Very proud of you Kendall. Also glad to be a member of SCI as well as Life member of the NRA, NAGR and many other organizations that promote and protect those of us that enjoy and love our God given right to our outdoor heritage. Looking for to footage of more of your adventures. Rock on girl!

  4. We are directed to make any additional inquiries through Kendall’s Facebook page, but I will have nothing to do with Facebook after the way Kendall was treated there.

  5. These accusing ignoranaces think nothing about killing millions of Mosquitos in their pursuit of vacations, enjoying outdoors etc. They also think nothing about their selfishness in being clothed, whereby billions of animals are killed by the time their is fabric for clothing!! They also are so damn selfish to have housing that they have trees cut down destroying homes of birds insects, worms -etc! And on and on- You get the picture!! These people are true hypocrites- if they had any intelligence they would think before opening their traps!!!

  6. Dale Lackner,

    I have lived in Montana and have been in Alaska for 30 years. Living off the land is a way of life that few understand. I have spent considerable time in Africa and have hunted on two occasions.

    These ignorant urbanized people have no concept of reality and live in a world where everything is provided for them – food, electricity, transportation, water, sewer, fuel and many other necessities of life.

    They have no thoughts that an animal has been processed (by someone else) when they eat a bowl of chile, order a hamburger, purchase lunch meat, eat a shrimp or crab salad or a thousand other examples.

    These biased people would take away our freedom and at the same time expect us to do and believe as they do while enjoying “their” freedoms that We do not attack. True FREEDOM does not work quite that way. With much of the world urbanized and more so as each day passes, WE the hunters, fishers and harvesters of the animal and plant world, are a minority in today’s world.

    In any democracy, the majority rules and as we all know many of our freedoms have already been lost – therefore:

    Follow your passion, follow your love for the outdoor life style, follow your interests, enjoy life each day and be thankful for the the activities we can still pursue in spite of those who would deny us those freedoms and future restrictions.

    We all have to do what ever we are able to – to insure our lifestyle will remain in the future.

  7. i really hope all these anti-hunters members and representatives are vegan, that would just be pathetic if these people would throw threats around and turn around and eat meat!! We as a South African Hunting Entity support Kendall all the way!!

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