Global Rescue Rushes to Aid SCI Member In South Africa

Global-Rescue-logoA South African hunt quickly turned life-threatening when Dennis Anderson, former president of Safari Club International, had trouble breathing. A call was made to Global Rescue, who quickly dispatched a critical care paramedic who deployed to Dennis’ hospital bedside, serving as his advocate in the hospital and accompanying him on the journey home.

After his safe return home, Dennis wrote to Global Rescue:

“I have been a long-time international hunter, having been to all the continents and having earned the top hunting awards with Safari AndersonSAfricahuntforever062514Club International.

“Previously I had used a similar service company to Global Rescue, but when Global Rescue became a corporate sponsor of SCI and I had such positive recommendations from fellow hunters I switched to Global Rescue a few years ago.

“On a recent hunt to South Africa, I had been hunting for a couple of weeks and having a very successful hunt. We had gone into Johannesburg to fly out to Namibia for the last couple days left on my safari. During the night, it became clear that I was having a serious problem breathing. I was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital and began an assessment.

“There is nothing more unsettling than being in a foreign country and requiring its health care system on an emergency basis. I was diagnosed with double pneumonia and possible heart issues. I was fortunate that my professional hunter had experience with Global Rescue. When he found out I was a member, he immediately contacted them. The response was much more than I ever expected and the consultation and information was incredible!

“Before I knew it Global Rescue had dispatched a paramedic to advocate on my behalf in the hospital. The paramedic arrived in Johannesburg on the next available flight. I was shocked, to say the least. After several days in the hospital, I was released to travel. The paramedic accompanied me all the way, making arrangements for all my special needs.”

I can’t thank Global Rescue enough for their outstanding service and professionalism.”


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