Americase Debuts Breakdown Crossbow Case

americaseWickedRidge1huntforever061714Traveling to hunting camp or the range to sight in your crossbow can be difficult without the right case. Soft cases don’t provide a lot of protection, and many hard cases can be oversized and clumsy. That was a major cue for Americase to design and manufacture a breakdown crossbow case that provides a new level of functionality and security.

“We discovered during our research that most of today’s crossbows are breakdown models so we went to the drawing board and came americaseWickedRidgeClosedHUntforever061714up with a crossbow case that is less than 62 linear inches, so it can be checked luggage on most airlines without having to pay an oversize fee,” said Mars Freudenberg, Sporting Case Sales Manager at Americase. The EC Series is a rugged welded aluminum case that features a lift out panel that holds the bow and foot stirrup and a lower compartment that contains the stock, quiver with bolts and storage for additional items such as spare strings etc. The case also features a spring loaded handle, heavy duty key locking flip latches and a water and dust resistant seal.

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