Record Book & World Hunting Award Update

whitetailbuckhuntforever052114Effective June 1, 2014 photo entries of female animals will not be acceptable in the Record Book/World Hunting Award Department, except those females animals that carry measurable horns, skulls, or teeth such as scimitar horned oryx, African lion, or water deer. The only exception to this rule is for youth members under the age of sixteen. Youth members have the ability to submit both male and female species photo entries and they will be accepted. For all other members, photo entries of immature males will only be accepted at the discretion of the sub-chair on a case by case basis. The Record Book Rules and Procedures have been amended to reflect the new changes.

2 thoughts on “Record Book & World Hunting Award Update”

  1. Not necessarily a bad decision, but the retro-active application hurts those who have hunts booked this year in anticipation of completing various WHA awards based on the rules in effect when the hunts were booked.

  2. I feel there should be more exceptions. Here are a few that come to mind:
    Tusk-less Cow Elephant – every bit as difficult as a bull and probably more dangerous. It also serves a significant conservation demand and it’s usually a lot cheaper.
    Hyena – very few can field judge the difference between male and female. What’s the problem with female entries here? They are only available as photo entries.
    Jackal – ditto
    Genet Cat – ditto
    Small antelope – while forest duikers of both sexes have measurable horns, the Royal Antelope, Bates Pigmy Antelope and possibly Suni (not sure on this one) have no horns and therefore you chose to exclude entry? The field identity is almost impossible to judge. I suspect most are “ground checked”. The taking of a female is just as difficult as a male. I disagree with excluding the female from photo entry.

    Whitetail deer – substantial management of doe population is required in many areas. Why deny photo entries when a substantial conservation motive is achieved?
    Personally, I choose to only target males when some females can have better horns. Animals like Oryx, Sable, Chamois are all species where females can have longer horns than males.

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