SCI Sponsor Zeiss, Unveils New Product

ZeissLogo2100213Big game and trophy hunters know how frustrating it can be to have a sudden flare or hot spot appear in your scope just as you are getting ready to pull the trigger or trying to determine if you should take the shot. In answer to this need, Carl Zeiss Sports Optics has unveiled a new sunshade accessory designed specifically for 42mm and 50mm CONQUEST HD5 and TERRA 3x rifle scopes. These uniquely designed sunshades will help prevent stray light from entering your scope and producing flare and glare across your sight picture.

This accessory is very easy to use. Just attach the shade to the end of your scope, and enjoy the clarity it brings on super sunny days. These shades can also drastically reduce glare so sunlight can’t give away your position to game animals.

ZEISS sunshades are also designed to keep dust and rain off the objective lens. Another benefit of the sunshade is that it reduces the effects of mirage caused by heat coming off the barrel when firing repeatedly. Installation of the ZEISS sunshade is simple. It can be easily screwed into place on the objective end of the scope.


Product features:

Reduces glare from sunlight

Anodized to match scopes’ matte finish

Length excluding the threading is 3.75 inches

Improves Image Quality

Blocks Peripheral Light

Shields Dust/Dirt/Debris/Moisture


Prices range from $53 to $55 depending on the scope.

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