Book Review – Hunting Exotic Game In Exotic Lands

anotherriflehuntingstorieshuntforever031314SCI members are stirred by the image of the hunt for exotic game in fascinating and mysterious locales. This same drive to emulate and perhaps surpass the success of the renowned big game hunters of the past is what sets them apart and spurs them on to hunt that next trophy.

In Another Rifle Another Land, J.Y. Jones expands on the concept he introduced with his first book One Man, One Rifle, One Land. This time, the focus is on Europe, Asia and the South Pacific, and with a different rifle and in a different caliber.

Both rifles, by the way, have been Remington Model 700s. The first was chambered for .30-06 Springfield, while the second is chambered for the 7mm Remington Ultra-Mag.

Jones chronicles his hunts in far-flung places around the globe, and at some of the highest elevations in his quest for some of the most exotic species on Earth.

The book is organized by game categories and begins with high-altitude game such as chamois, Asian and European ibex, bezoar, tur, and tahr. Nearly all the game animals featured in the book are free ranging, and all but a few are hunted in their native range when available. There is a focus on sheep hunting, including several chapters on the pursuit of snow sheep, argalis, mouflon, urials, and blue sheep, that should serve to keep any reader interested and entertained for many long evenings.

Of course, this is more than just a comprehensive survey of mountain game. It also recounts hunts for giant red stags and maral, the two subspecies of roe deer, the small miniature deer such as water deer and muntjac, and all the sizes in between. There are 18 chapters covering the various deer categories, and that is without including Asian and European reindeer and moose, which add another four chapters. Next up is an array of gazelles, and then we have the wild cattle, bears, wolves, and boars. In all J. Y. Jones has collected 118 varieties of big game without ever having hunted the African continent. An accomplishment so far unequaled.

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