MTM Case-Gard Introduces Ammo Can Combos for 2014

ACC223 from MTM

Hunters and shooters, in fact anyone who spends time in the outdoors or at the range, are familiar with the innovative MTM line of storage and ammo boxes and range gear. For 2014, MTM has listened to their customers and are introducing the new Ammo Can Combos. These durable and water resistant ammo cans are filled with MTM ammo boxes in most popular calibers in the US. The Ammo Can Combos make storage of bulk ammo easier and safer. These Ammo Can Combos come in 3 sizes and accept a wide range of ammo types within each size range. The ACC223 holds 400 rounds of ammunition from .17 Fireball to 6mm-223 Remington. ACC45 hold up to 700 rounds of .45ACP, .45 Auto, 10MM, .40S&W and 357 Sig. Finally the ACC9 holds up to 1000 rounds of the 9mm family from .380 to 9x21mm.

MTM's ACC9 Ammo Can
MTM’s ACC9 Ammo Can

All Ammo Can Combos come in MTM’s new Dark Earth color and are proudly made in the USA. See these and all the new MTM products for 2014 at the MTM Case-Gard website.

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