Accommodating the Novice Female Hunter

DebFernNovicefemaleseminarhnt4evr010214This informative seminar is designed to give a new perspective and understanding of the hunting heritage for anyone who wants to better understand the call of outdoor and shooting sports. Deb Ferns openly admits that growing up, she did not understand any part of the hunting heritage that her father and brother seemed to embrace.  In a humorous style, Ferns will address her initial concerns about early mornings, along with an unwillingness to get wet and cold.  Then she’ll turn to the more serious concern coming from the novice female hunter; not having the confidence in her ability to make a humane shot and/or doing something unsafe with her firearm.  Deb will share with the audience a number of ‘baby steps’ on bringing novice women first to the gun range, and then potentially to a variety of hunting environments.

In a recent interview with NRA radio, Ferns stated, “My goal through our Babes with Bullets program is help women overcome their fear of firearms, to become educated about the tool and its users.  Then each woman can make an informed decision on whether they want to own and/or shoot a gun, whether they want to participate in a hunting program, instead of letting mainstream media make that decision for them.”  There will be ample Q&A time with Deb for questions from the field.

The first 20 attendees will receive an autographed book by Deb Ferns at the end of this seminar.


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