Why I Hunt: 5 Tips for Effective Persuasion


Your words matter.  Your words have consequences.  Your words can advance hunting activities and present hunters as upstanding people of character dedicated to conservation and the enrichment of the human interaction with wildlife. Your words can enable you to be an ambassador for hunting and hunters and be a credible, honorable bridge to the non-hunting population.

Join attorney and author, Michael Sabbeth, at the 2014 SCI Convention as he shows you effective persuasion techniques, facts and arguments that re-frame the conversation about hunting and killing. You will learn how to credibly advance hunting as a right and as a national activity and strengthen hunting’s tradition and place in the American culture.

Driven by mean-spirited or inaccurate stereotypes, hunting is under assault and hunters are demeaned. In this presentation you will learn how to turn around the criticism, refute uninformed or bad-faith descriptions of hunting and explain why hunting is an honorable activity with proud unapologetic participants that respect wildlife and is vital for their survival.



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