Luis Suarez — a True Collector

Suareztrophywallhnt4evr112613Spend any time at or around Luis Suarez and one is quickly infected by his boundless level of energy and his passion for collecting the “best of the best” specimens in the wide-ranging animal kingdom.   Like many accomplished hunters and collectors, and barely into his teens, Mr. Suarez became an eager and deeply rooted-student of the subject, learning first from his father, grandfather, and then from others in his family who were life-long hunters.  Some three decades later, he has amassed a tremendous collection of highly ranked specimens from all continents spanning more than two centuries and sure to garner great attention among hunters and collectors alike.

Now, from his home in South Florida, his dedication to collecting seems without equal. His partner and wife, Dayamy, would agree he works tirelessly putting in long hours daily in a quest to have one of the best and most important collections of specimens in the world. To be sure, Suarez is also quick to laud the efforts of those hunters who preceded him, and whose hunting skills and commitment to the acquisition of specimens of the highest quality eventually contributed to the Luis Suarez collection.  While many hunters of the past are no longer with us, Mr. Suarez is pleased their memories and trophies can live on through his collection today.

Suarezrosquenilugermeasurehnt4evr112613Several months ago, after an extended period of study and reflection, Mr. Suarez presented his collection for scoring to the organization he regards as best in the world able to review and examine quality specimens: Safari Club International.  Realizing he needed experts in the fields of hunting and the related collection of high quality specimens, Suarez sought out SCI and its knowledgeable staff for a much needed first-time evaluation and registration of his prized collection. 

SCI began the evaluation effort several months ago, and just recently completed the scoring of almost two hundred specimens in the Luis Suarez collection. During the detailed evaluation, measuring, and scoring process, Mr. Suarez became deeply impressed with the skill levels practiced by these Master Measurers.  

During one such evaluation trip, Master Measurers Michael Roqueni and Doug Luger of SCI worked with the Suarez collection where it is secured in South Florida’s Museo Vault–a modern state-of-the-art security facility that not only includes an elaborate fire suppression and hurricane protection system, but beautifully appointed private viewing and exhibition rooms as well. In the end, and after several visits by the Measurers and countless hours spent measuring and Suarezmeasuringhnt4evr112613evaluating the collection, the results are now a matter of SCI registration and record.

Mr. Suarez, who is now a Life member of SCI, is eagerly awaiting the upcoming editions of Safari Club’s World Record Books and the publication of his collection.  He has also developed a sincere interest in furthering the goals of SCI and has expressed a deep commitment for collaborating with SCI in their future projects.

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