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The original light-bullet load for the .375 H&H, a 235-grain softnose at 2,800 fps, is long dead. Modern 260-grain bullets beat it ballistically with better terminal performance. A 260-grain Nosler AccuBond delivers more punch at 200 yards than a 180-grain .30-06 bullet musters at the muzzle, and flies just as flat. It may well supplant traditional 270-grain softpoints in the .375. Most development recently has focused on heavy bullets; the field of 300-grain loads is rich indeed. Few 300-grain bullets for tough game are sleek in profile, but they have great sectional density, and trajectories flat enough for a 200-yard zero. Here are two fine factory loads that bracket the practical bullet weight range for the .375.

260-grain Nosler AccuBond (Federal)

Muzzle 100 yds. 200 yds. 300 yds. 400 yds.
Velocity (fps) 2700 2510 2330 2160 1990
Energy (ft-lbs) 4210 3640 3130 2685 2285
Arc (inches) -1.5 +2.0 0 -8.5 -24.5

300-grain Hornady FMJ (Hornady Superformance)

Muzzle 100 yds. 200 yds. 300 yds. 400 yds.
Velocity (fps) 2705 2386 2089 1817 1568
Energy (ft-lbs) 4873 3792 2908 2198 1637
Arc (inches) -1.5 +2.3 0 -10.1 -31.3

Handloading the .375 is easy, and the cartridge seems forgiving–most loads stoked to hunting speeds shoot accurately. Not long ago I unearthed a box of mild 300-grain loads I’d assembled 28 years ago. Before hunting, I shoved a handful in the magazine of my Montana rifle. The first two holes at 100 yards touched. Prairie dog accuracy from a dangerous-game rifle!

You needn’t handload for top performance, though. The .375 is blessed with factory loads for every task. Remington offers 300-grain Swift A-Frames and, with Barnes now in the Freedom Group, should add TSX bullets. Winchester lists 300-grain Nosler Partitions and Solids; Hornady catalogs five .375 loads, with 270-grain softpoints, 300-grain softs and solids. Hornady’s Superformance ammunition tops the velocity charts, giving the .375 nearly 5,000 ft-lbs of energy on exit.

Federal trumps competitors with the widest selection of 300-grain loads listing Barnes, Swift and Trophy Bonded expanding bullets and two excellent solids. Norma offers a 270-grain TSX load, plus 300-grain Oryx and Swift A-Frame options. In addition, Norma’s African PH line carries 350-grain softs and solids from Woodleigh. I can’t think of better bullets for the .375 than those five. If you want custom-loaded ammo, you can supply the recipe to Superior Ammunition–or ask Larry for his considered opinion. Safari Arms also loads custom cartridges. Like Superior, it makes a beautiful product. A typical first package has four loads of five rounds each, so you can test and compare economically, then get more of the top load

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