Field Dressing and Gutless Gutting


Don’t miss this lively and informative seminar at the 2014 SCI Convention! Ron Dube brings decades of hunting, guiding and outfitting to this seminar.  A celebrated Wyoming outdoorsman, Ron has helped many hunters bag deer, bear, elk, moose and bighorn sheep.  More to the point, he has field-dressed and packed out these animals.

Here you’ll learn his little-known techniques – guaranteed to make field care of game easier, quicker and cleaner.  “No matter how big the animal, you can do it all with an ordinary knife,” says Ron.  “No ax.  No saw.  No mess either.”  Step-by-step photos from Ron’s hunts put you on-site with his pack-train in the central Rockies.

Ron has appeared in dozens of national outdoors magazines, and in videos on wilderness horse-packing and elk hunting.  His lively, inimitable style and anecdotes draw sportsmen and women year after year.  If you plan to put game on the ground, don’t miss this seminar!


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