Two Exciting New Products From Gaston J. Glock Style


Hunters and outdoorsmen have two new comfortable additions in the GASTON J. GLOCK style  hunting apparel line, the Leather Undershirt and Leather Long Underwear. Made at an old Germany family company that has been manufacturing since 1868, the goat hide used for these undergarments is tanned in the 6,000 year old traditional, tanning technique used by hunters and outdoorsmen of the past.
This traditional, absolutely natural German tanning process is unique and can take up to a year. Cod oil is hammered into the hide for up to 12 hours with huge hammers, which allows the cod oil to transform the raw animal skin into a pleasantly soft and “buttery” leather. At the end of the tanning process, the hides are thoroughly washed to remove the additional cod oil. Only 2-4% of the employed oil is effectively retained and needed within the hide.
Centuries ago, hunters made their own leather undergarments using this technique, but as the years have gone by, manufacturing of these products has become rare. Army commanders and submarine captains became the only ones who could afford the comforts of leather undergarments. Today, GASTON J. GLOCK style LP offers these indestructible, temperature regulating and extremely comfortable leather undergarments in the same tradition. Perfect for the discerning outdoorsman.
gastonglocklthrlongjohnshnt4evr111313The Leather Undershirt and Long Underwear are warm, cozy and breathable and aid in temperature regulation in winter, as well as in summer. (It is important to remember to wear cloth boxers or briefs underneath the Leather Long Underwear.) Unlike most leather products, these can be machine washed due to the unique tanning process. Please note that both items should be machine washed on cold only with a special leather laundry detergent. It is advised to keep these away from sunlight as the leather will turn hard if exposed. The Leather Undershirt is available for $329.00 and is available in sizes S – 3XL for men and XS – 3XL for women. The Leather Long Underwear is also available for $369.00 and comes in sizes S – 3XL for men and XS – 3XL for women.

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